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The Northeast Kingdom Is a Great Place to Visit and Play!

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom Is Beautiful Year Round!

Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is, without a doubt, the state's most beautiful and undisturbed region. Coined more than 60 years ago, the Northeast Kingdom - comprised of Caledonia, Essex and Orleans counties - received its nickname in honor of its sheer splendor. A beloved former governor and U.S. senator, George Aiken, proclaimed this area so spectacular that it felt like a kingdom of old, a Northeast Kingdom, he said. The name stuck.

The best part of the Northeast Kingdom is, actually, what it does not offer. You will not find any traffic jams or urban sprawl here. You can actually witness an extraordinary sunrise from your back door and see every star in the sky on a clear night.

The images of the Northeast Kingdom are very clear and recognizable – church steeples rising to the sky, steam rising from sugarhouses, the smell of newly hayed fields and the vision of beautiful fall foliage. Even those who have lived here their entire lives do not tire of the views.

So many comment that the Northeast Kingdom is, truly, a special place, that the clean air and the quiet of the night make it easier to sleep, that you can view rocks on lake bottoms as clear as day because the water is so clear and the landscape really is as lushly green as Ireland in the summer. There are precious few places where you can actually hear the breeze rustle through trees, and the Northeast Kingdom is such a place.

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Genealogy Day

Aug. 9 is a Day of Remembrance, also known as Genealogy Day and it will be celebrated in the Northeast Kingdom in summer of 2022, in Caledonia County.

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