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Oddly enough, many who live in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom love the region for what it does not offer ... no traffic jams or any urban sprawl. However, what we do offer are pristine lakes, friendly neighbors and an untapped and burgeoning economy.

The Northeast Kingdom is also a great place to raise children. It is not only safe but a fun place to live, with plenty of sports and activities the whole year round. There are attractions for those of all ages, for those who are young to those who are young at heart.

You can visit one of our numerous breweries, peruse our historic and educational museums, drive our scenic backroads, walk our historic downtowns or sample fares from farmers’ market…. There is so much to do. And we have not even mentioned our beautiful landscape that quickly becomes a backdrop to our lives, views that we never take for granted here. It is a different pace here in the Northeast Kingdom, dare we say a unique and wonderful way of life. The term “quality of life” is typified by your experience living in the Northeast Kingdom.

Yes, Vermont's Northeast Kingdom truly offers an enviable quality of life, but it is also easily very accessible to major market centers, interstates, state highways and your dear relatives and friends who have not yet moved here. In a recent report, in fact, Vermont ranked as one of the most livable states in the nation, according to "The Rating Guide in America's Fifty States."

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